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Would I find the Pumpkin Man?

With Anniversary and Thanksgiving behind us, the Sunday School has turned to Rally Day-- a special Sunday in the fall to welcome the children--so on Sunday, October 27 we're hosting an All Souls Pumpkin Party. Ever aware that the children are at their finest when thinking of others, we've planned a special activity: turning a plain old pumpkin into a Funny Pumpkin character--human or animal--as a give of smiles to those living in a retirement residence.

Having always marveled at the sight of acres of orange pumpkins waiting for market, I volunteered to locate the raw materials for our project, and began scouting for a pumpkin patch in Wabash. While chatting to Dan Sinasac at lunch after Bothwell United's anniversary service, I learned that Dan had a neighbour "just up the road" who had such a field. On Tuesday, I drove down that road to see if I could find the pumpkins and make a deal. The first two inquiries sent me farther along the line past several houses...then Bingo! The Pumpkin Man. He was just heading to the field and suggested that I follow the tractor to see the pumpkins. And there they were in all their glory, row on row. He helped me choose and loaded them in the car, including several orange and three beautiful white pumpkins ready for their transformation on Sunday. Will you take a cheque? I asked-- Oh, I'll donate them to your Sunday School! was the response. Mr. Garland Webster, thank you!!

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