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A Shot in the Arm

One of the few perks of being old as the hills is an opportunity to be vaccinated against the Covid 19 Virus before all you young rascals!

While there are horror stories of crashed systems, long lines in bone chilling weather even with appointments in some areas, here is my experience today in Chatham-Kent.

After a simple phone call (or 2), the appointment for my first vaccination was today in the Bradley Centre, formerly The Wheels Inn (oh how I miss The Wheels). After waiting inside (masked and distanced), the attendant checked health concerns and I was sent on to a table for a Health Card check...Every attendant was courteous and visible in vests for identification.

The next guide showed me to another room where an attendant was waiting. A little chit chat and the arm bared for action, I closed my eyes for a few moments (don’t like needles) and when I opened them the needle was being discarded and a small patch applied. I didn’t feel a thing - so slick.

After a 15 minute wait to make sure I felt okay, I was free to leave with info about the second shot.

Thank you Chatham Kent!

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