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Where are they now?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

One of the pleasures of church life is to look about the congregation and see both new and familiar faces, including recent arrivals to the community, and people whose families I have known since Sunday School days; young grandparents, happy to bring grandchildren to the little church; young couples with their newly christened babes- in- arm, and big sisters and brothers proudly helping out. We’ve been able to follow their lives and thank God for them.

It is always good to hear, too, about children who have grown up and built their lives in the big wide world beyond Wabash.

We remember the young sons of William and Carolyn Willmore, who attended church here and pleased Grandma Lillian Willmore when they provided beautiful music for the UCW Geranium Tea on a May evening years ago. Where are they now…?

Well, the eldest is now Dr. William, with a PhD from Carleton University in Ottawa, where he is a Professor of Biochemistry. Along with teaching, he devotes much time to working with graduate and undergraduate students in his research lab. His research focuses on how human cells respond to low oxygen levels, in a variety of diseases. Bill’s wife Azine is a Core French teacher, and daughter Kianna is preparing for a school trip to Ireland in the Spring.

Second son Ian and his wife Kristi make their home near Fort Worth, Texas. Ian is a robotics/electrical engineer with General Motors, and Kristi is a design consultant for a home builder. At their own home, the cats Sergio and Peekaboo think they must surely be living the American Dream as they observe human friends and neighbors enjoying the beautiful climate, poolside.

Dan, son three, is by contrast a country boy—his backyard is 150 acres of bush, all complete with groomed hiking trails, and his home is a log house crafted by Dan himself, north of Huntsville. Working with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Dan is responsible for three access points into Algonquin Park, and also works in the Park offices. His daughter Clare enjoys spending time with her own horse, Apple Jack, and daughter Erin is a cross-country skiing enthusiast. Dan is recalled in Wabash as a violin player, and he has kept up his musical interests by playing as fiddler in a local ensemble.

And Bill and Carolyn enjoy every opportunity to spend time with their young families, where they can just be Grandma and Grandpa.

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