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The Kenesserie Walk

Having grown up in the years before hydro power and running water, I was never much interested in being a camper...but in 1998 when the walk-a-thon was started to support Kenesserie Camp, it seemed like a good idea to take part. Nina and I were seasoned walkers on a daily route along the Wabash Road (sometimes Flatrock for variety), keeping fit and enjoying good visits and hand waves at neighbours along the way. At church, Sharon Stevens was our capm representative, and we volunteered to participate. The sponsors just signed up and put the money in a box at the back of the church. Twenty-one years later, we are set to go on Sunday, along with my grandson, who has never missed the event--riding on board, in a baby jogger cart, toddling alongside us, sitting up high on his father's shoulders, running ahead--and who now outwalks us all.

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