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The Great Escape

*Editor's note: While Wabash United is on summer holiday, I have turned over the blog to Katrina, who began writing as a coping strategy during the early days of the pandemic lockdown.

Dear Diary,

It is no secret that I have been wanting to experience the world that I have only stared at through windows all of my life. When the heat wave came along, my family finally decided I could go to the "Beach" to cool off. The door was opened, and I sauntered out. The lake is deep and blue, the shore--no sand--just wooden, and there is a large and smiling blue whale swimming slowly about. I had to investigate, but every time I went too close to the water, someone snatched me back and I finally realized it was out of bounds. The beach was a pleasant change, but I was still inside! More windows to sit and stare through longingly. before long, i was allowed to stay at the beach alone.

We cats are often called "nosy" and snoopy...I checked out every door, looking for a way to the outside. And as I continued my research, a break! One of the screens in the door had a patched hole. Probably some Outside Cat clawing to get in had torn it. I lifted the edges with my pretty white paws and found a loose flap, then drawing myself to my full length I vaulted, all 2' plus tail, through the hole, landing in another world!

(to be continued...)


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