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Sunday School Update

Sunday School deliveries by Wabash Pony Express are continuing in this season of Epiphany. In the most recent batch of envelopes that went out in early January, students found something different to accompany their lessons and Smarties--a note about a donation made on their behalf to Plan International, to supply garden seeds and tools to families in need. The "Endless Harvest" packet is described in the Plan International "Gifts of Hope" catalogue: "Give families the gift of looking into their own back yard for nourishment and income. This is the gift of food security: seeds, essential agricultural tools and training in garden management, helping families sell surplus crops to generate an income." The donation was also eligible for a matching program that quadrupled the value and impact of the gift.

As we continue to think of others during this time of pandemic, it seemed especially important to remind the Sunday School scholars of how much good their concern and empathy can do in the world around them, starting with small acts of kindness.

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