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Of Pets and Blessings

Dear Diary,

Such anticipation as the little church on the corner held its first live service since the lockdown began. The weather was purrrfect and I had never been blessed by Annalee (or anyone). I have only lived in Wabash since early Spring; in fact I have never been outside in my life, even before I lost my former home, outranked by a new baby, and might have bolted away. Understanding this about me, my best friend here wanted to get me outdoors safely, because I am very curious (as they say we). She tried to weigh me in order to properly determine the size of harness that would be more likely to hold me than just a leash and my red collar. She picked me up to put me on the scales, but dropped me like a hot potato, saying that her sciatic nerve couldn't take it. Not to be bested, she got the tape and took my measurements--shoulders, 23", neck 12"--and brought home a harness...but it only fit with the shoulder part around my neck (not suitable at all.

So on the day of the pet blessing, I had to stay home. Away went my family, and I stretched out all 3 feet of myself on the ironing board to wait for reports.

They say the church grounds are so beautiful now, and under the memory trees, the garden is groomed and was all decked out with Sharon's piano and a pulpit just like inside the church. The people were well apart from each other, and the animals stayed with their people. Faithful friends from the Bothwell sister church attended and took part in the service, which featured special reflections on how and why we pets are such a blessing.

Then the animals--lucky kittens!--were presented at a safe distance for blessing, and Annalee was presented with an outdoor planter of lovely blooms for her scottage. The Sunday School teachers were honoured to receive a gift (I love the arrangements made by Jill at Red Barn and have seen pictures of her big cat.)

There were little wrapped chocolate bars there as an extra treat if desired, and my best friend desired two!

It is reported that the sociability and worship were priceless that day and I hope to get out to meet my neighbour people soon.


Kat (Katrina)

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