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Family Matters!

Seldom does a christening bring four generations from both sides of the family together, but on Sunday, January 26 when Sloan Lillian Liberty was presented for baptism by her parents, Jess and Ben Liberty and godparents Lacey and Ian Broad, it happened!

Maternal grandparents Ann and Paul Martens and great-grandmother Edith Towsley were all in attendance, as were grandparents Betty and Scott Liberty, and LIllian and Charles Liberty. Great-grandmother Mary Ann Morgan joined the festivities later in the day. The Reverend Annalee Kerr officated, assisted by Clerk of Session Dan Sinasac, who lighted the baptismal candle from the Christ candle and presented it with the certificate. Sloan, angelic in baptismal white, objected only briefly, to the delight of the congregation, which promised to be a loving and nurturing community. Jess and Ben hosted a reception for family after the ceremony at Smitty's restaurant.

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