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"Back to the Future"

Thamesville was not the only place that saw a weekend of historical reminiscence. In Wabash, our surprise visitor on Sunday, September 8, Bev McKerracher, arrived at the church early and was greeted but Rev. Annalee, Dan Sinasac, Clerk of Session, and Sharon Stevens, organist. Bev was accompanied by his wife Sandy, and a fried, Tom Kerr of Wallaceburg. Full of curiosity, we heard the details of the visit.

Bev was baptized here at Wabash United in 1942, by Rev. Arthur Steed, and had not been back since childhood. Bev is the son of Jack McKerracher, and grandson of John B. McKerracher, who grew up on the Wabash Line. At the age of 80, John began drawing and painting as a hobby, and donated two of his beautiful paintings to the church--"the Last Supper" which hangs on the south wall, and "Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock" which is found on the north wall.

In the choir alcove, Bev and Sandy noted the names of John B. McKerracher and William Neil McKerracher on the Roll of Honour for their military service. I remember Bev's uncles, Keith and Alvin McKerracher, both of whom attended the S.S. 7 Wabash School when the family lived in the home now owned by Bert Wilson.

During the visit, Sandy and Bev took many lovely photographs of the church, and remarked on how well cared for it is--a compliment to the current board. We look forward to keeping in touch with our new friends of Wabash United.

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