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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Facing the east on a perfect June morning, the sincere little church, with its welcoming and freshly painted teal-blue doors, waited for members of the new generation to arrive with their families to celebrate Creation Sunday, June 24. The spirits of generations past waited too, for they lived on in memory.

On the south lawn, the outdoor “chapel” in the Memory Garden was beautiful. Memorial trees dedicated in years past—Morley Jackson’s red oak, Alma Liberty’s silver maple, Howard Ross’ flowering crabapple—all added shade to older plantings. The memorial plaques were displayed on a new board built by Dave Martin. Babes in arms and toddlers settled in with parents, grandparents and family, including the family of Thelma Jacques, who attended as part of four generations at the service. Tribute was paid to Wayne (Bud) Jacques by his sisters Sue Burke and Sharon Stevens, and the Rev’d Annalee Kerr dedicated a memorial to Irwin Holmes.

Then it was time to bless the pets, who added their beauty and life and fun to the scene. Blessings and thanks were offered for chicks, ducklings, kittens, dogs, goats, and the beautiful chestnut mare, Cheyenne, with Bill Willmore riding her across the churchyard to the delight of everyone at the service.

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