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Our First Blog Post

Welcome to our blog! As we continue to make the little church relevant in the community, news of activities will appear here regularly.

Familiar names of families still connected with the church including Blakely, Liberty, Wilson, Jacques, Hopper, Smith, Neely, Logan, will give inspiration. One of the youngest "bowlers" at the Wabash Sunday School event in Ridgetown this spring was Nate Neely, son of Jillian and Dave Neely, who is son of Judy and Walter Neely, son of Anne and Jack Neely, son of Rena and Gerald Neely, son of Nathaniel Neely. the son of our Nate's great-great-great-grandfather John, whose brother William and sister-in-law Phoebe came to help at the farm and at the little church in Wabash when John was recovering from a broken leg. Counting seven generations of the same family at Wabash Methodist/Wabash United Church illustrates the deep roots of the community that welcomes everyone--newcomers and neighbours all--as dear old friends.

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