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Bloom where you're planted

Many young people have been "planted" in Wabash through marriage to a local lad or lass, and have become a priceless part of community and church life.

Anne Cole Patterson, raised and educated in Minnesota, met Dean on a business flight, and came to Wabash as a bride. Settled in their home with their children, they are loyal friends and neighbours. Anne does beautiful primitive-style folk art and furniture pieces, and she and Dean both help in our Sunday School. Anne, who is the superintendent, also works with Patty Burgess on special events for the church.

And there's Jillian Neely, who came to Wabash from her home in Tillsonburg. She and Dave met at College in Ridgetown, where her studies prepared her for her business, Red Barn Florals, based at the farm. Jill is the church's decorator, consultant, friend and go-to person for gifts, often donated, which see and talented daughter Nora wrap and present on special occasions. Nate, the young brother, keeps everything lively and fun.

Karen Smith, always quietly there when you need her, hails from Tilbury way, and met her husband Terry at a convention in Toronto. Now living in their Victorian farmhouse near Wabash, Terry and Karen have four grown children, and nine grandchildren, all faithful friends to the little church. Karen is always willing to help and never says she's too busy for anything that the church asks. She is a treasure.

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